Wednesday, May 25, 2011

unda presha

I discovered lately that I work best under pressure. When others may crack and crumble under some kind of pressure...I grow strong. Like a superhero that steals other energy....or a diamond...oh yes a diamond!

This realization was made as I literally RAN as a mowed our lawn (all 1/4 acre of it) because I knew that my son was going to wake up soon and the forecast was calling for rain for the remainder of the week. I got our whole yard done in no time. Now, normally I wouldn't even think about cranking up the ole lawn shredder and tackling our hayfield (you think I kid, but I do not... we have hay). But the challenge of getting the whole thing done today in less than an hour was WAY too tempting.

I have a new outlook on why I do the things I do. I don't procrastinate...I create challenges for myself. I think that sounds better...don't you!

Do you share this need for challenge in your life? How do you meet it?

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