Tuesday, June 12, 2012

cool finds

I am all about the cool stuff...yes, I am that momma that thinks she is still all hip and cool (spaghetti in hair not cool?). Okay okay...I like cool momma stuff. Stuff that makes my life or my kid's life easier and nicer.

Here are a couple of my new obsessions:

Meal Planners

If you have offspring, you need this in your life. I am not joking around here people. Find one you like, download and print or if you have the time (what is that T word?) then make your own. I personally like the ones with the shopping list as part of it. I take the whole thing to the store with me and feel oh so cool and hip and on top of it all!


When kids are hungry little demons straight from hell come fill the space where food should be. Again I am not joking...google it. It's true. I am on a mission to make sure that space never is big enough for those pesky devils to invade and turn my sweet children into head-spinning evil beings.
Check out this uber cool and very organized approach to snacking!!


A list that is titled "cool finds" cannot be without shoes. It cannot. Google that too while your at it.
Oh, what's that you say? Yes, yes, little purple and pink butterfly toms.
You're welcome.