Sunday, September 12, 2010

A load of gratitude

Back to that pesky gratitude project. So obviously I can't seem to get to my computer everyday for five minutes, which is ridiculous, yet a reality. So let's just get it all out.... I just can't leave it hanging for a second time!!! Really, I am a grateful, really.....
I have 10 days left, 3 things a day = a grand list of 30 things I am grateful for no matter how big or small or silly.

I am eternally grateful for:
  1. Sunshine surprises on a rainy day
  2. Hana's ability to be so adaptable
  3. Kai's happy little soul
  4. My husband's smile when he plays with his kids
  5. A husband that actually plays with his kids
  6. My ridiculous sister who I love for her ridiculousness
  7. Good friends that love me regardless of me
  8. Good friends that love my kids too
  9. Time to share warm cookies with Hana
  10. People who try to understand even when they don't understand
  11. Bird songs
  12. Showing my kids the stars
  13. How hard my husband works
  14. The time my husband gives me to have a "break" when really he never gets one either
  15. Living in a gorgeous part of the world
  16. Having the chance to own a part of that gorgeous piece of world
  17. My inlaws. I know....out of the norm I suppose, but they really are fab people!
  18. Puppies, kittens and all little cuddly things
  19. The love of my family
  20. My health and my family's health
  21. A good job
  22. A good laugh, the kind that hurts
  23. Tiny hands in mine
  24. Time to sit and watch my children sleep - sounds creepy as I type it out...but they are so cute and peaceful and utterly beautiful when sleeping
  25. Respectful and considerate people
  26. Holidays - every one of them - Christmas, Halloween, Canada Day, family, etc
  27. Flowers
  28. Fresh veggies and fruit from the garden
  29. Opportunity to breastfeed both my kids - as hard as it is sometimes, I am so grateful I stuck it out
  30. For knowing who I am, what I need, and what makes me happy!

I don't suck this bad at motherhood

So it is apparent that I am not keeping up with my blog as I intended. As any new mother knows, the precious times when you have two hands free and able to focus on anything other than little people are hard to find! But this blog allows me to have some time for just me and again as any new mom (or old mom for that matter) me time is much needed. Happy mama = happy kids.

Now that I have a half-assed apology for not paying attention to myself out there, back to the blog!