About Yippie Momma

As any good Yippie, I am required to have a blog. Sooooo...here it is! Let's do a little intro of sorts.

First off... Yippie, what the heck is that! Well it is a term I coined when trying to describe my family's lifestyle. We are university grads with good jobs work'n for the "man" (aka government) and we love the finer things in life (good food, nice home, decent cars, current style of clothing, etc) yet we also have a love for the earth and our environment and try our best to do the right thing for it!
So you will see us sipping on a Starbucks out of our reusable mugs wearing Lululemon, checking the tide chart on our iphones and planning the beach cleanup we are about to venture on with our family... get the picture??

Secondly who am I and who are we...
I am a mom, a wife and a professional. I have two children, Hana (2007) and Kai (2010). My husband is a kind, loving, generous, smart, talented man...one I cannot live without.

The intention of this blog is to document my findings as I fumble my way through motherhood, marriage and life in general. I like to think I make fairly good choices and often make discoveries through trial and error that are worth sharing with others!