Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"innnn summmmerrrr...."

sweet sweet summer.
sandy toes, salty skin
long days, warm nights....

and really really busy!!!

Are you like me? One minute I am daydreaming of the relaxing, lazy days of summer and then reality hits as I take a peek at our calendar and we are busy every single weekend. Camping, weddings, cottage visits, friends from out of town, friends from in town - and on it goes.

In order to make sure we don't miss out on the gifts summer has to offer, I created a Summer Bucket List that everyone (even the littlest ones) can create. I kept it short and sweet as to not add more anxiety and pressure of doing allll the things!

Print off the template, grab some coloring tools and get creative...that's right, I am talking to you - adult. Draw yours too! We all need to add a little color and fun in our life.

Enjoy this free printable (jpeg) made by me for you..... 
(just right click and save as - no downloading necessary)

Feel free to comment on what you and your littles came up with!!