PR Friendly

I welcome the opportunity to do Reviews and or Giveaways on my blog and would love the opportunity to work with you! If you have a family friendly product you would like reviewed, have a giveaway to sponsor please contact me with the form below. 

Reviews: review products must be full size and will not be returned. You can expect a published blog post with my personal experience with your product 2-4 weeks after it is received. I also include your social network sites in the review as well.

: if you would like a giveaway of your full size product, I will post it within 1 week of contact with you. Giveaways can last from 2-3 weeks unless you have a time frame of choice. All prizes will be shipped to the winner(s) by you as I do not ship prizes myself. All winners are chosen by

: my review will be posted as stated above and will include the giveaway directly after in the same post. This is the best way to gain exposure because it not only gives an honest review of your product but allows the reader to engage more in your product by having a chance to win something.