Friday, March 28, 2014


You missed me didn't you! It's okay, you don't have to admit it, but I can sense that glint in your eye ;)

So obviously I have taken a very long break from writing. Why did that sometimes has a way of getting in the way. Wait. Re-frame and rephrase.

 I have a way of letting life get in the way!

I allow myself to get caught in the never ceasing cogs of life, just getting turned around and around, thinking that I am doing stuff when really I am just slowly spinning. In the dizziness of it all, I lose sight of what I want and what I need. My passions are paused, my fire is smothered. And I am the guilty party. I allow it - then I complain about it - then I get sad about it - then I finally try to pull myself free of the life-machine and LIVE.

I know that I am not alone in this vicious cycle. It's okay to admit it. We blame it all on family, responsibility, career demands, funds (or lack there of), etc. But I am going to stand with chin high and admit that I am responsible. Life is choice. What you choose will be your life. If I choose to allow myself to be smothered in the blanket of what-have- you (job, kids, etc) then what is the point.....seriously. I want my kids to see my light. I want my husband to bask in it. I want my work to thrive in the energy of it. BUT I have to choose it.WE have to choose it.

So I am choosing life.... as defined by experiencing, doing, exploring, creating, reflecting, loving. And letting my light shine.