Here are some products I love that make being a Yippie Momma easier and cooler (cooler is the more important factor here).

****If anyone has a product or good they would like me to test and/or review I am more than happy to be of service!****

Rockin Green
Seriously the best diaper/clothing detergent I have used, and I tried A LOT! It works great and I love that it gets the stinkies out of my cloth diapers and my dish clothes I was about to toss!! I have heard it also has a ton of other uses around the house too. I should try some of those for you!

Phil and Ted Classic Stroller
Okay, I was first opposed to the idea of a double stroller. But then Kai came along as a whopper and I needed some breaks from lugging him around. Hana also wanted to have a ride since is was so much more fun than toodling behind me! I searched and tested out many a ride, but settled on the Phil and Ted Classic with double kit. It is an awesome genius design and it looks cool too! Love it. Thanks Phil and Ted!