Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tasty Tuesdays

I am going to start this new feature on my bloggy blog where every Tuesday I will post either a super scrumptious recipe or a foodie tip!

First things first.

All parents NEED these two simple yet unbelievably helpful tools in the kitchen.
The melon baller (double ended) and the pizza cutter.

The melon-baller makes eating more fun. I swear that eating melon or any other fruit or anything else you can think of in a fun shape makes it more delicious. Seriously. This thing will be your best friend. I have melon-balled all melons, apples, ice cream, jello, pineapple, made tiny cookies, etc.

The pizza cutter is the answer to sandwich making hell. My daughter will not eat the crust no matter how hard I try. Using the pizza cutter, I can quickly trim off all offending crusts and slice up her sandwich in no time! I use it for cutting up french toast and pancakes into bite-sized morsels. And of course, pizza!

You can thank me later.... :)

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