Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

I have the luxury of living next to farmland. There are about seven different farms that I visit for all kinds of yummy goods - eggs, apples, berries, produce of all kinds - even honey! They are all within a five minute drive for me. As soon as they open, I am there weekly.

The quality of fresh food is AMAZING...sweeter, greener, yummier....I encourage you to find a local market nearest to you and try it. Even it is a bit of an adventure to get there, pack the kids up, bring a blankie and make a picnic out of your purchases! It is a meaningful trip...you get to sample some great food, support your local farmer and teach your children about where food comes from! This is a very valuable lesson. Ask your kid where food comes from...let me know the answer in the comments below...it can be an eye opening experience!

Here is a link to help you find a market/farm near you!

Have a fun time!!

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  1. Oh I love fresh produce! We started a garden this year and I can honestly say our tomatoes taste so much better than store bought ones. We have farmers markets in certain areas in town on the weekends and I agree, people should definitely try them out :) Thanks for stoppin' by!