Tuesday, March 22, 2011

woof woof

Kai's new trick is woofing...at anything with fur. It is one of the cutest little things ever...although I think everything my kids do is cute. The best part about it is how proud he is of himself when he spots something fuzzy and woofs at it. He lights up from within.

Hana's new trick is turning into a werewolf...serious tantrum time. I swear she has spent more than half her day screaming today.
hmmm. not so cute. She is only lighting up with rage.

I have started to read a new book "Honey I Wrecked the Kids" by Alyson Schafer. I am only into it halfway, but it really is making a lot of sense to me so far. It is written like my girlfriend is talking to me. Exactly what a frazzled mama needs - no heady theories etc...just the quick and dirty. I will provide a more comprehensive review once I am done.

Why can't they be cute all the time???

Wish me luck.

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