Sunday, March 27, 2011

An hour for the earth or more?

So.....whadda do for earth hour??

It was last night from 8:30-9:30. The idea is to completely power down your house for one hour. Everything that isn't essential (like your fridge) gets unplugged...not just turned off...unplug it (dang phantom power).

It is a simple and clever idea. Every year we participate and sign up through WWF. And every year I discover these things:

a) all the little things you have forgotten you plugged in and don't really need to be plugged in anymore
b) the amount of unnecessary power you are using
c) how "plugged" in we are as a family.

The last discovery is always a bit of a shock and disappointing to me. Shamefully, I realize that we are always on the computer, watching TV or a movie, playing apps on our iphones, etc.
It is when we are "forced" not to go to these plugged-in activities that I see how much fun we are missing out on! Last night, the kids were in bed for earth hour, so hubby and I lit some candles, started a fire, and just thought I was going somewhere else didn't you...tsk tsk naughty. We chatted about the kids, about work, about our new house, about the future. We just connected in a completely uninterrupted way and it was nice.

Before kids, we used to have a day called "TV-less Tuesday". It stemmed from the fact that we didn't like any of the shows playing prime time Tuesday evening and didn't have a PVR! So we just didn't turn it on at all. We talked, played cards, read...whatever.

I am officially reinstating TV-less Tuesday! This also means computer-less Tuesday... so no bloggin on Tuesdays, which means you too can instate TV-less Tuesday in your household too!

Let me know how it goes!

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