Friday, April 1, 2011

Game Night!

I love board games...I am kind of embarrassed about this, but I love playing them! I love getting together with friends and laughing till my sides hurt. Mind you, this hasn't happened for a long kinda make it harder to do!

But now that my little girl is a big preschooler I am getting my fix by playing games with her. I have discovered a great company called Orchard Toys Ltd. They have so many different games and the quality of them is awesome - not just in product, but also play value as well.
We currently have three different ones:
  • Jelly Elephants
  • Shopping List (seen above - Hana's favourite)
  • Crazy Chefs
I like how you can alter the game to better suit the age you are playing with. We have a lot of fun with these games and I often give them as gifts as the price point is reasonable too!

I hope you pick one up for your young family or share one as a gift. They really are a great way to cultivate the love of fun in your family... and perhaps even start a games night tradition!

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