Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Project Glamp

So this is how the story goes....

I hate tent camping.

I know hate is a strong word, but it is more than appropriate in this situation. I have the privilege (?) of working in the Yukon Territory for three summer seasons which last 4 months each. There is NO housing there for all us seasonal workers - so we lived in tents. Little tenting communities popped up lovingly referred to as "Tent Cities". You quickly lose the novelty of camping when you live that way in the arctic. I never was able to get any of the novelty back...the Yukon wilds beat it out of me.

Fast forward 18 years. Now living in a house with real walls not made of canvas and co-habitating in said house with one big and two little people who love to go camping. I managed to dodge the camping idea for sometime with the very good excuse of not wanting to camp with babies. But alas and sigh, my baby is now almost 4. That standby excuse is no longer valid. So after much "discussion" with the Hubs, we compromised on a vintage travel trailer to both meet his need of all things cool and vintage, and my need for a solid roof and running water.

We set about to find a vintage tin can that would have all my wants and all his. No easy feat I must say. But we were able to amicably settle on a 1976 15' Scamper trailer. Not as vintage as we would like, but it was what we could willingly pay for an old trailer and had all the bells and whistles - like a teeny tiny toilet and running water! The JOYS!

The downside of vintage is gross, old, stinky trailer decor. We wanted to make this a little cottage on wheels and the cutest little cottage on wheels we could muster. Plans quickly developed (thanks Pinterest) and we set out on glaming our little trailer find.

I am going to document our little project so anyone who is in my camp (get it, get it) may see that even you can do this too!

Hope you join us on our adventure.

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