Sunday, October 16, 2011

a new toy

I think if I had the chance I would go back to school and become a graphic designer. Not that I am an artist in any shape or form... actually using the term "artist" to describe my abilities may offend some.....but I do love the look and playing with digital design! My new obsession is It is a free (or low price - $20ish a year) online photo editing program. Now I know I said digital design, not photo editing, but with a few tips you too can be printing off some amazing labels, cards, signs, tags, etc.

I followed this tutorial at saltwater kids and was quickly hooked! It has it's limitations, but hey it's free!!!

I am putting together halloween treat bags for my neighbourhood kids. I used my newly acquired Picnik skills to create the tags for the bags. Each "picture" is three tags, so an economic and less wasteful choice!

Feel free to print these off for yourself if you like and don't want to spend the time making them!!

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