Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Hazelwood up to some good"

To get full effect of the title, one must rap it out.... the cool kids will know what I am talking about...

Alright, with that unnecessary explanation out of the way, I need to post a PSA about the magical powers of a Hazelwood necklace. My son has been plagued with reflux and mysterious rashes since birth, he also happens to be an early teether on top of it all. A mommy forum that I regularly post on had a thread about hazelwood and amber necklaces. I did some research and was intrigued by the testimonials. Most parents raved about what a difference this necklace made for acid reduction and pain reduction for their children. I decided to give it a try. With only 24 hours of wearing his "hippie" necklace (as we fondly call it) his drool rash was significantly reduced, as well as the amount of spitting up and discomfort! I was a believer. In 48 hours, the rash was gone and Kai seemed much happier and only had one tiny spit up...all day!!

The difference is amazing. I am now going to get a anklet for my hubby with tummy troubles and a bracelet for Hana to boost her immune system! I am eyeing up an amber one for my neck pain. If you or your kids are plagued with rashes and teething woes, please try this out. It really does seem to make a significant difference!

I purchased mine from a small family based Canadian company called Hazelaid. They were wonderful to deal with and I highly recommend both their necklaces and company.
Here is a link! Hazelaid

ps. They have a contest on their blog right now if you want some free magic hippy necklaces!! :)

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