Saturday, July 17, 2010

Party hardy

So the month of July is a busy hot mess of celebration in our house! We have wedding anniversaries, 5 birthdays (in our immediate family alone!) and all the summer festivals, wedding and other fun we can find.

As I planned Hana's 3rd birthday and my husband's 34th (as well as attended the others) I started to look for some eco friendly birthday party options. I of course want to still have a cute and realistic party as well. I decided to turn to my good friend Etsy for some inspiration. And naturally she didn't let me down...
Check out these great eco friendly and fabulous eco friendly party finds!

These are upcycled vintage linen party banners found here. So cute for a little one's birthday bash. They are reusable and really fun!

Here are some reusable napkins for daily and party use! I love these... so funny how I can love napkins. Here is the link to the seller Love For Earth

These are some great party favour options. Usually you get a bag of plastic dollar store junk... played with for an hour, then we throw it all away. I think these would be used over and over. Here is the seller Chicks & Chickadees.

For Hana's party I used biodegradable plates that we just tossed into the compost (there is another post another day!) at the end of the day. They are made from fiber waste and helped me maintain my goal of an easy peasy party. Luckily these are available everywhere now...even Walmart!

Hope a couple of these ideas will help you plan a great yippie party!

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